Free Toxic Backlink Checker

This tool checks the last 500 backlinks to be discovered for the target website to see if they are low quality, risky, or spammy. For a backlink to show on this page, it must have a page authority score below 7 and must not be marked as nofollow.

How to Check Toxic Backlinks


Toxic backlinks are links to your site that contain spammy or low-quality content. These links can be harmful to your website’s search engine rankings, but luckily there are ways to detect them so you can remove them and avoid more problems in the future.

How to Check Spam Backlinks?

A toxic backlink, also known as a Black Hat link or spam link, is a website that has been created for the sole purpose of helping you rank higher in search results.

These links are usually created with automated software and then placed on other websites. These types of links can hurt your rankings because they aren’t natural and don’t provide any value to the user or reader.

What Is A Toxic Backlink?

Toxic backlinks are links that can be harmful to your website. They can cause ranking problems, or they may even damage your site’s reputation.

The term “toxic” is used because these types of links are often associated with spammy or low-quality websites. They’re also known as “bad” or “negative” links, but I prefer the term toxic because it makes clear what we’re talking about: a link that could be harmful to your website’s health and well-being!

Negative SEO Attack

Toxic backlinks are a common tactic used by competitors to damage your site’s rankings. A negative SEO attack is when someone tries to manipulate Google into ranking your site lower than it deserves, by using link schemes and other shady tactics.

Here’s how you can defend yourself against negative SEO attacks:

  • Monitor your site’s backlinks on an ongoing basis. Do this by keeping track of any new links that come in and checking them against the profiles of sites they’re coming from (e.g., whether they have spammy anchor text). If you find any suspicious backlinks, disawow them immediately!

Get a backlink checker tool that will help you find these links.

There are many different types of link checkers available online, but some of the best ones include:

  • Ahrefs – This is one of the most popular tools on the market and it’s great because it gives you lots of information about your site’s SEO performance in addition to helping you identify bad links and track their impact over time.
  • MajesticSEO – This tool focuses on providing high-quality data about websites’ link profiles along with other useful information like Trust Flow (TF) and Citation Flow (CF) metrics.

However, these tools are paid, so alternatively, you can use our own free spam backlinks checker.

How to use our free toxic backlink checker tool

To use our free toxic backlink checker tool, simply enter your website above and hit submit. You’ll then be presented with a list of all the poor quality backlinks that are pointing to your site. If you want to see more information about any specific link (including who is linking to you), simply click through on it!


We hope this article has helped you understand the importance of checking your toxic backlinks and how to do it. Now that you know what a toxic backlink is and how they can affect your site, make sure that you check regularly for these links so that they don’t damage your SEO rankings or cause any other problems.