Frequently Asked Questions

Why should I use this service?

The same guest posting site can be offered in different places for different prices. And sometimes the difference can be hundreds of dollars!

But don’t worry, as we find the lowest available price for your selected guest posting site, and send it to you in email in 24 hours after your submission. 

Is it really free?

If you just want to know the lowest publication fee of a given website, our service is totally free. This way you can discover if you are overpaying for a guest post or not.

However, if you decide to hire us to publish a guest post for you on the selected site, we charge a small 15% service fee on top of the lowest publication fee we find.

How do you collect the data?

We use both manual and automated techniques to compile a database of all available guest posting opportunities on the internet globally. Many publisher sites are available in various prices, thus price comparison makes sense.

The guest post database is currently private, but if you want to get early access, you can join the waiting list HERE.

What does your service fee include?

  • AI-Assisted Article Writing
  • Guaranteed Publication
  • Email Customer Support
  • Platform Maintainance
  • Payment Processing Fee
  • 100% Money-Back Guarantee

Doesn’t Google penalize AI content?

No, AI-generated content is now officially allowed by Google. However, we still make sure that it passes AI detection and plagiarism check.

What about foreign websites?

Our service works globally with more than 100K publications, 30 languages and 198 countries.

Can I provide my own article?

Yes, if it meets our quality guidelines, which means a minimum 500 words of original and quality content. However, the price of the service will still remain the same in this case.

What is the turnaround time?

Our guest posts typically take 15 days to be completed. However, due to the nature of the service, it is possible for these orders to take a few extra days.

Can I approve the article?

We do not usually have problems with the quality of the articles we provide, which are included in the price. However, if you would prefer to review the article before publication, we provide this for an extra fee of $10, which also includes 1 free revision.

What is your guarantee?

We guarantee a published guest post on the selected site or your full money back. Since we provide non-tangible irrevocable products & services to our customers, we do not honour a refund after the service/guest post link is delivered.

Are posts marked as sponsored?

This depends on the publisher’s policy, but we will inform you in advance.

Do posts contain a ‘dofollow’ link?

This depends on the publisher’s policy, but we will inform you in advance.

How long will the link stay live?

The guest post with the embedded backlink will generally stay live for the lifetime of the blog – i.e. as long as the blog is online.

Can you build links in any niche?

No, we don’t work with difficult niches, including adult, casino, gambling, pharmacy, CBD, weapons, drugs or illegal content.

Do you send live link reports?

Yes, we always send you the published guest post at the completion of the work, and then we submit it to an indexing service.

How can I pay for the service?

Currently we only accept Paypal as a method of payment. All payments are to be made in advance.