Free Bing SERP Rank Checker

These tool will test a provided keyword against your website in order to find your rank on the Bing search results page. It will check up to 100 results depending on the query and position of your target website.

How to Check Your Ranking on Bing

Although Bing is a well-known search engine, many SEOs are unaware of how to use it effectively. Bing gives you ways to get data about your rankings and traffic, but most people don’t know how to access that information. This manual will explain all you need to know about Bing and how to raise your site’s ranks.

What is a Bing SERP?

A SERP is a search engine result page. It is the page that appears when you conduct a search and contains a list of every website that is pertinent to your inquiry. While Google may display results from YouTube or Google Search, a Bing SERP will only display results from Bing.

Bing Webmaster Central is where Microsoft hosts their webmaster tools (which are meant for people who run websites), including:

You can submit your website to Bing, track the status of your site’s listings, and more with the Bing Webmaster Tool.

Microsoft’s search engine marketing advertising platform is called Bing Ads. You may manage your accounts and reports, as well as generate ads that appear in search results and on pertinent websites around the internet.

What should you be aware of regarding Bing?

The second-most popular search engine in the United States is owned by Microsoft and is called Bing. It has roughly a 30% market share in this country, behind Google but ahead of Yahoo!

Users tend to trust Bing more than other options, which contributes to its popularity. Many people choose Bing over other search engines because they feel more confident using it. Bing has already established itself as a significant Google search competitor thanks to its native integration with ChatGPT.

How to improve your Bing rankings

Use appropriate keywords.

Make a title tag that accurately describes your business and is pertinent to it.

Write a meta description that provides a succinct summary of what users will find on the page, including any important information about how long it will take them to get there or how much it costs (if applicable).

Use internal links that go back to this page from other pages on your website with keyword-rich anchor text to help Bing understand the context of each piece of content when crawling it for indexing purposes, but don’t go overboard! It’s crucial to use relevant keywords consistently and to use them effectively in relation to one another.

Think about including keywords in your text as well. The copy itself should be keyword-rich in addition to the page title, meta description, and anchor text. This will make it easier for Bing to comprehend what your page is about and why consumers would find it useful.

How to manually check your keyword ranking on Bing

You must utilize Bing’s search bar to manually check your keyword’s position on the search engine. Click the “Search” button after entering your term. Look at your rank on the first page of results. Go through the remaining Bing SERPs if you can’t discover your website on the first page.

How to check your positions in Bing Webmaster Central

Visit the Bing Webmaster Central page.

Click on Search Analytics after selecting Search Traffic (or simply do a search for it). The inquiries that Bing has sent to your website over the past 30 days or so will be listed for you, sorted by position (the number of times they appeared at each spot).

We suggest sorting this list by position to make it easier to read, then downloading it as an Excel file using the Download Data icon in the top right corner of your screen, so you may filter through all of this data more quickly if necessary.

How to use our free Bing rank checker

Enter your website address into our free Bing rank checker, and then click “Submit.” Next, enter the search term you want to see if you’re ranking for and choose the nation you want to check your position for. Finally, select “Test” and browse the outcomes!


Google is no longer the only factor in SEO. The easiest way to determine how well your website is performing on Bing, a fantastic alternative to the market leader, is to look at its ranking.