Guest Posting Statistics and Trends for 2024

We gathered more than 85.000 guest posting opportunities wordwide along with prices and SEO metrics. We then crunched this data to be able to provide you with meaningful insights and trends for the year of 2024. This is new and original research which you won’t find anywhere else on the internet. So without further ado, let’s take a look at the most important guest posting (sponsored content) statistics you should know in 2024!

85.071 Sites
86 Countries
58 Languages
81 Categories
$212 Average Price
35 Average DA
28 Average DR
15 Average TF
27 Average CF
36.510 Av. Traffic

Number of Sites


Top 25 Countries / Number of Sites

As we can see from the graph, the United States has by far the most guest posting opportunities with no less than 27.806 sites to choose from. This makes sense, as English is also the most used language in guest posting. Besides, the US is a huge country, where the internet culture is one of the most advanced.

Surprisingly, we find Poland in the second place, not the UK or Western European countries. We can say that this Eastern European country surely prefers this method of acquiring backlinks. On the third place of the list we find India, which again, is not very surprising. There are probably thousands of SEO experts living in this country, and it is also an English-speaking one.

Only now come the “big 5” of Europe, namely France, Germany, Spain, Italy and the Netherlands, followed by the UK. Altogether, we found at least one guest posting site in 86 countries around the world.

Top 25 Languages / Number of Sites

Unsurprisingly, this chart paints a similar picture. English is by far the top language used for sponsored content around the world. This makes sense, as the US, the UK and even India use mostly English language publications.

The high number of sites in Poland made Polish the second most used language for guest posts. On the third place we find Spanish, which is not only used in Spain, but in almost all of Latin America, as well. In the rest of the top 25 we find mostly European countries, but altogether we found that you can buy a guest post in 58 languages in total.

Top 25 Categories / Number of Sites

The categories chart shows a more varied picture, because one site can be hosted in only one country, can have a few language, but can be a part of dozens of categories. When we cleared the data, we merged very similar categories into one, but still, the number of categories is still high. This is why most of the sites don’t fall into the top 25 categories.

The “Others” in the list shouldn’t be confused with the category called “Other themes”. The latter simply means that the site was not categorized or that its category is “General”. Now, let’s see what did fall into the top 25 categories of paid guesting sites.

If you are looking to build links in the news, business, technology, sports, health, lifestyle or travel niche, you don’t have to search much. In each of these niches, you can find more than 10.000 publications to choose from. All in all, whatever category you are looking for, you can probably find it in our database.

Average Traffic


Top 25 Countries / Average Traffic

One of the most important factors for link builders when it comes to publishers is the monthly traffic a site receives. This is usually checked by Ahrefs which is one of the most precise tools for measuring traffic a website receives from the search engines. However, the real numbers can be certainly different.

The chart shows surprising results, namely Colombia, Indonesia and Chile being in the top 3 per average traffic. That’s because the results by a few outliers, namely the sites in Colombia, in Chile and in Indonesia. The other reason is that in these countries, we didn’t find as many low traffic sites which would bring down the averages to a low number.

When selecting a target site for a guest post, it is important to take into account the monthly traffic for two reasons. First, the more traffic a site gets, the more it is trusted by Google. And second, to avoid PBNs (Private Blog Networks) and guest post farms, both of which can have low or even negative effect on rankings. The recommended monthly traffic of a site is at least 1000 but 5000 is even better.

Top 25 Languages / Average Traffic

The same skewed numbers can be seen also in the languages chart. This simply means that the top 25 countries either have a few outliers (very high traffic sites) and/or that there are mostly only high traffic sites available in that language. This is usually true when a language has a low number of sites, because you can find several low traffic opportunities for popular countries and languages.

Top 25 Categories / Average Traffic

A similar thing is true for the categories per average traffic graph. The number one category of guest posting sites that gets the most traffic on average is trading, followed by fitness and other themes. But you shouldn’t worry about this, because these are not the niches that most people are looking for.

This simply means that for the most popular categories like news and business, you can find a wide selection of sites with low and high traffic numbers and everything in between. If your niche is a more obscure one, you may have to settle for a low traffic site, or pay the price of high traffic.

Average Price


Price, of course, is a crucial factor in the case of sponsored content placement. In recent years, many free guest posting opportunities have dried up or turned into paid ones. The name of the game is pay-for-play, or in other words, paid guest posting. But if you use these backlinks wisely, your website will rise in the SERPS, which is then basically free traffic, so you can still turn a nice ROI.

SEO experts and business owners have found the increase in prices frustrating, and some webmasters are now making a living solely from selling guest posts in bulk. When we compile our database, we always check whether a site is found in multiple sources, and if yes, we always list the lowest price we find. So, these average prices are based on the lowest price found for a given site, and not on the average price found for a given site.

Top 25 Countries / Average Price

From the graph above we can see that if you want to buy a guest post in Japan, you really have to dig deep into your wallet: the average price per guest post is $864 in this beautiful country. Three Nordic countries made the top 5, and Denmark is also in the top 10 with $324 per average price. Certainly, as these are average numbers, it doesn’t mean that you can’t find cheap opportunities here, only that on average, they are on the pricier side.

Top 25 Languages / Average Price

The language per average price is again skewed by a few outliers the top 5 languages have. This only means that you don’t have a lot of options (or you have mostly costly options) if you are searching for a guest post in one of the not-so-popular languages. Besides this skewing factor, we can conclude that German and the Nordic languages belong to the more expensive options in general.

Top 25 Categories / Average Price

The fact that buying a guest post in the “Humor” niche would be the second most expensive in the world is not really funny, rather ironic. The price of this category is only superseded by the Men’s” niche, where an average paid guest post costs $446.

However, if you compare this graph with the Top 25 Categories / Number of Sites above, you can spot that the most expensive categories on average don’t belong to the most popular categories. So again, the list is a little bit skewed because the priciest categories don’t have a lot of sites, while those sites are expensive at the same time.

Domain Authority


DA or Domain Authority by Moz is still an important number that many professionals use to this day, especially when filtering website to get hyperlinks from. It shows the “strength” or authority of a domain on a scale of 0 to 100. The more and higher quality backlinks a domain acquires, the higher this number will be.

Top 25 Countries / Average DA

The list is certainly surprising because there are many smaller countries in the top 25 that one wouldn’t think of. It’s more interesting though to take a note of the countries with a lot of guest posting sites like the USA with an average DA of 44 or the UK where this number is 42. But DA is not that difficult to manipulate, so this shouldn’t be the only factor when selecting a site to publish on.

Top 25 Languages / Average DA

Again, we can see that if you want to buy a post in the “weirder” languages, it will not only be expensive but also good quality indicated by the high DA numbers. But no matter how “weird” your language is, we can still acquire a guest post for it. We do it by writing an AI-assisted article in English and then use DeepL to translate the article that will be the core of the post.

Top 25 Categories / Average DA

It seems that personal blogs are the most well-linked among the categories: they have an average DA of almost 50. Lesson: don’t overlook small personal blogs during link building, because they can bring your site a lot of link juice while also being super relevant to your topic. Besides, this category is not even in the top 25 per price, so you may not have to pay that much, either.

Domain Rating


DA has been overtaken in importance by DR or Domain Rating by Ahrefs because it is more difficult to manipulate. When filtering sites for guest posts, most experts like to keep both the DA and DR above 20 which you can also easily do in our database.

Top 25 Countries / Average DR

Top 25 Languages / Average DR

Top 25 Categories / Average DR

Trust Flow


TF or Trust Flow by Majestic is quite similar to DA and DR: it also shows the authority of a whole website based on the strength and authority it gets. For all of the mentioned metrics, it is true: the higher the better.

Top 25 Countries / Average TF

Top 25 Languages / Average TF

Top 25 Categories / Average TF

Citation Flow


CF or Citation Flow by Majestic signals the volume of citations or in other words the number of backlinks a website has on a rating between 0 and 100. Which means that a site with a CF of 80 is very-well linked, but it doesn’t say anything about its authority. For example, if the site in the example only has a TF of 40, then that’s a sign of spam backlinks and should be avoided. In general, TF and CF should be in a similar range, which is a sign of high quality backlinks.

Top 25 Countries / Average CF

Top 25 Languages / Average CF

Top 25 Categories / Average CF

Final Words


As you can see from the charts above, paid guest posting or otherwise known as sponsored content is here to stay. It is the preferred method of link building for most SEO professionals and industry experts. With guest posts you can acquire more authority and organic traffic for basically any kind of website.

Guest Posting AI is a new AI-powered guest posting platform to build backlinks faster, cheaper and smarter. We research the internet for every available paid guest posting opportunity on the planet, and then we automatically list the lowest available price we find. We also create the perfect AI-assisted and human edited article for your guest post in 58 languages, included in the price.

We offer guaranteed publication on 85.000+ guest posting sites in 58 languages and 86 countries. Register today and start building links the smart way!