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This tool shows up to 250 backlinks that were discovered in the last two months for the target website, sorted by newest first.

How to Check New Backlinks of a Website

Backlinks are the lifeblood of your website. They determine how much traffic you get and how well your site performs in search engines. Backlinks can come from any source, including blogs, forums, and directory sites. Some websites have thousands of backlinks while others only have a few hundred; so it’s important to know if your competitors are getting new ones every day or not at all!

How to Check New Backlinks of a Website

To find new backlinks for your website and see what keywords they are ranking for, use our free new backlink checker tool. This will allow you to search for all the new links pointing at your domain name or website address. You can also enter an individual URL if you only want to check one specific page or post on it.

Why Check New Backlinks?

Here are some reasons why you should check your new backlinks:

  • See which site recently linked to you. This is especially helpful if the website is a high-quality one and can improve your SEO in the long run.
  • Check if your new backlinks are indexed and live on Google’s search engine (they should be) so that people can find them when they search for related keywords in their queries.
  • Check if the links are dofollowed, which means that they pass on PageRank (PR) or authority from one site to another. PR helps determine how high up on SERPs certain websites rank, so it’s important that all of yours have this attribute!

How often should you get new backlinks

It’s important to get new backlinks regularly, but not too often.

You should aim for 3-5 new high quality links per week. This will help build your website’s authority and improve rankings over time.

How to build backlinks for a new website

When you’re building backlinks for a new website, it’s important to start with foundational or branded links. These are the types of sites that will give you the best results and help boost your search engine rankings.

To find new link opportunities, use a tool like our Backlink Checker. This tool will help you identify which websites have recently linked to your competitors’ websites so that you can contact them and request a link, as well.

When looking for relevant guest posting opportunities, use tools like Majestic or Ahrefs (or both) in order to find out who has been linking to similar websites as yours in recent years; then reach out directly by emailing their editors about writing an article for them!

How to use our free new backlinks checker tool

Step 1: Add your website to the checker.

Step 2: Click on the Submit button.

Step 3: You will see all new backlinks your website acquired


Checking new backlinks is a good way to see how your competitors are doing with their SEO efforts and what they’re focusing on. It’s also a great way to find new link opportunities for your own site!